Government Legal Departments

ALX provides cloud legal solutions to help government legal departments to better manage legal and regulatory risks including (but not limited to):

    1. Compliance risks
    2. Intellectual property risks
    3. Cybersecurity legal and regulatory risks
    4. Prosecution and enforcement risks
    5. Litigation risks

Most government legal departments already have their own internal systems to manage legal matters to support their lines of businesses. ALX provides complementary tools and cloud solutions to manage legal and regulatory risks across markets and we tailor our legal risk solutions in accordance with the local laws in the country concerned. We work with lawyers and law firms to ensure full compliance with the laws.

ALX is a provider and designer of Corporate Legal Management System where we emphasize the need for a structured and proactive approach to legal risk management. We provide both bespoke and generic cloud solutions to suit the needs of our clients.

ALX Cloud Systems & Practice Tools covers:

    • Legal Risk Management System
    • Governance, Risk & Compliance System
    • IPR Management System
    • Data Asset Management System


ALX Legal Analytics Solutions

Given the rise of big data and analytics, ALX provide legal analytics services for government legal departments to enable them to obtain legal insights in a more efficient manner. We take a bespoke approach depending on the needs of legal departments and we typically work with the government’s existing data analytics team to ensure smooth alignment with the legal analytics needs of the legal department.

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Other Tools and Systems

ALX assists government legal departments by enabling them to provide other online services to complement their existing systems in the following areas:

    1. Practice Management Systems that includes billing and accounting systems, file and matter management and client relationship management
    2. Document and knowledge management
    3. Legal document assembly or template generation
    4. Virtual deal rooms to support legal transactions
    5. Integration of the legal department’s online legal services with other systems being used by their external or internal clients.


Other Legal Services

When required by government legal departments, we provide support through face to face onsite services in collaboration with legal practitioners, law firms and project in house counsels or consultants. We do not work with any specific law firms or lawyers but provide the choice to our customers to choose their own lawyers. We focus on providing the tools and systems to provide integrated end to end legal services.

Working with our partner legal practitioners in law firms, project lawyers and consultants, ALX provides the following range of services that cover both law and business:

    • Market Research
    • Deal sourcing
    • Deal structuring
    • Investment applications in foreign markets
    • Legal research services
    • Commercial research to support legal and business matters
    • Agreement drafting
    • Contract negotiations (including use of virtual data rooms)
    • Contract analytics (as part of larger legal analytics solutions)
    • Legal due diligence
    • IP due diligence
    • Mergers and Acquisitions document review
    • Mediation and Arbitration services
    • Litigation management
    • Online dispute resolution

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