Intellectual Property

Managing intellectual property, especially protecting IP assets, has become increasingly complex for enterprises with operations across the globe. ALX serves both large enterprises which often have huge IP portfolios and operations in multiple jurisdictions as well as smaller start-ups with IP assets. ALX provides cross border IP services recognizing the varied IP laws and levels of enforcement especially in emerging markets. Rapid technological advancements, in turn, have enabled infringers to become more sophisticated, and the rise of IP as a main driver of mergers and acquisitions has made developing strategies to protect these assets even more important.

ALX provides services relating to intellectual property (“IP”) in the following areas:

    1. Development of IP Strategy
    2. Technology and IP commercialization
    3. Filing of trademark, patent and design rights
    4. Marketing strategies and program for IP Licensing
    5. Franchising and Licensing Programs
    6. Deployment of IP Management Systems
    7. IP valuation

ALX provides IP related services in-house as well in collaboration with law firms, patent attorneys, IP consulting firms and IP valuers.

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