Legal Analytics

Analytics is the collection and use of data to generate insights that inform fact-based decision-making. Advances in information technology and the increasing use of data in our day to day life mean we have (or will have very soon) data and insights on everything.

Legal analytics is the use of legal or law related data to understand patterns affecting legal issues and context that provides new insights for users of such legal information. Take the example of a litigation lawyer who needs to understand patterns of past judgment on say the award of damages for accident cases. With legal analytics, the litigation lawyer would be able to have a more precise set of data on what types of past damages have been awarded for say certain types of injury and the circumstances surrounding it.

Consider another example of what is being called nowadays as Judges Analytics. Here lawyers can search through every decision made by particular judges to understand their thinking on specific issues that might shed some insights on how they are likely to react to certain types of arguments. Such insights can be visualized in a dashboard in a way that makes it easier to spot connections and opportunities that otherwise would have been missed.

ALX Analytics provides legal analytics services for law firms, in house legal departments and government legal departments to enable them to obtain legal insights in a more efficient manner.


Legal Insights

Basic legal data or information is not hard to find. But doing a thorough legal analysis that leads to sharper insights is much more complex. The use of legal analytics would help legal professionals draw insights and connections using advanced analytical algorithms.

Since most lawyers are not data scientists or have access to software coders, it makes sense for lawyers and law firms to rely on professional service providers to provide legal analytics services that would help spot patterns and connections that would otherwise be missed.

The rise of big data analytics or “smart” analytics today has enabled the generation of legal insights in ways that was previously not possible or thinkable. But lawyers need not fear being replaced by sophisticated analytical algorithms. What basic legal analytics have done is simply to make more efficient the process of legal research, data compilation and analysis. At the end of the day, lawyers will still be needed and this is the ultimate value adding role of lawyers.

ALX Analytics provides the services and technical support for law firms, in house legal departments and government legal departments with the legal analytics processes and tools to obtain legal insights in a more efficient manner.