New Economy Training for Lawyers

New Knowledge & Skills Centre

ALX focuses on legal and regulatory risk management and new lawyering skills needed in the increasingly pervasive digital economy. We seek to build new and deeper skills and capabilities in the following new areas:

    1. Understanding the role of big data and analytics in lawyering and the entire legal value chain.
    2. Managing smart contracts through contract analytics and higher value contract management lifecyles (including the use of block chains)
    3. How to be more agile and adaptable in the entire legal value chain – we try to get lawyers ready for a legal future where artificial intelligence will play an increasingly important role in the future economy.

We take a tailored performance-driven approach in developing new knowledge and skills for lawyers as they adapt legal practice in the digital economy.

Focusing on both C-suite and middle management levels, we run courses in house as well public courses in collaboration with universities and other institutions of higher learning. Upon completion of our training and development programs, our clients and partners may choose cloud solutions offered by our partners

Training for Lawyers

ALX collaborates with institutions of higher learning as well as law firms and bar councils or law societies to provide law course content, learning management systems as well as programs that focuses on performance-based pedagogy in the following main areas of law and legal practice:

    1. Cybersecurity law and investigation
    2. Smart City law
    3. Fintech law
    4. Big Data and Analytics law
    5. Intellectual Property law
    6. Private Equity and Venture Capital law
    7. Islamic Finance law (in collaboration with the Singapore Islamic Finance Academy)

For Cybersecurity Law and Investigation learning and development solutions, click here where you will find both contents relating the learning of cybersecurity law and investigation as well as the learning platform to deliver contents based on the PEbAAL pedagogy (Performance-based Experiential, Adaptive & Agile Learning)

On the practical practice aspects our training for lawyers focuses on the following:

Focussing on lawyering for performance, we provide tailored workplace learning programs where lawyers learn through experiential learnings from senior lawyers or partners through tailored programs.