ALX partners with legal service technology providers, legal information aggregators and platforms matching lawyers with clients (including "on demand" lawyers under the so-called gig economy) to provide a one stop centre for the provision and management of legal services across Asia. ALX will focus on legal risk management and helping law firms grow their business.

ALX continues to seek partners across Asia, US and Europe and internationally to provide end to end solutions for the management of legal services into and across Asia. We welcome partnership with lawyers, law firms, legal service providers and legal content providers in the following areas:

    1. Cloud Systems & Practice Tools
      1. Legal Risk Management System
      2. Governance, Risk & Compliance System
      3. IPR Management System
      4. Data Asset Management System
    2. Practice Management Solutions
    3. Agreement Generator & Precedent Database
    4. Matching lawyers with clients
    5. Research & Knowledge Management
    6. Big Data, Legal Analytics & Artificial Intelligence
    7. E-Discovery tools & services
    8. Online Dispute Resolution
    9. Legal Training & Development