Universities and Academia

ALX collaborates with institutions of higher learning to provide course content on law subjects, learning management systems as well as performance-based pedagogy in the following areas of law and legal practice:

    1. Cybersecurity law and investigation
    2. Smart City law (covering internet of things, data, mobile technology and sensor deployment, cybersecurity law)
    3. Fintech law
    4. Big Data and Analytics law
    5. Intellectual Property law
    6. Private Equity and Venture Capital law
    7. Islamic Finance law (in collaboration with the Singapore Islamic Finance Academy)

For Cybersecurity Law and Investigation learning and development solutions, click here where you will find both contents relating the learning of cybersecurity law and investigation as well as the learning platform to deliver contents based on the PEbAAL pedagogy (Performance-based Experiential, Adaptive & Agile Learning). Click here to learn more about PEbAAL.

In collaboration with institutions of higher learning, we work with law firms, law schools and bar councils or law societies to provide continuing professional legal education across multiple digital platforms as well as different modes of learning including problem-based learning as well our own pedagogy PEbAAL.

ALX also provide customized learning solutions to suit the needs of corporations and law firms as well as government legal departments. Typically our learning and development solutions are geared towards helping organizations better manage legal and regulatory risks, manage their IP and data assets as well as growing their business.