Why Choose ALX?

    • Doing cross border business in Asia is complex and slow given the very different legal systems & different levels of economic development. Asian economies are undergoing rapid digital transformation. While the demand for technology driven services is increasing, legal technology solutions to support business transactions in Asia are not currently being provided in an integrated manner - the Asian legal technology market today is “siloed” and highly fragmented.
    • The ALX platform solves the problem by creating a single, integrated digital platform that would act as the centre of gravity that glues the emerging legal tech ecosystem in Asia especially for cross-border intra-Asian trade and investment.
    • ALX provides the tools and the platform to enable corporate legal departments and law firms to be more efficient, productive and help them move up the legal value chain.
    • ALX focuses on performance and driving growth as it helps corporate legal departments and law firms to move up the value chain. The emphasis on legal risk management will be a major value add.
    • The provision of strategic, performance-based adaptive and agile lawyering services (branded as PebAAL) supported by integrated cloud services from our partners is our competitive differentiation.
    • ALX is managed as a digital platform based in Singapore, a centre of trust and the leading legal hub of Asia. When you do business with us, you can count on us to provide trusted and reliable services.